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Rates are $100/hr. 90 min minimum. Discount for military

Extra tip for strap & bum toys

Yes, my rates are lower than dominatrixes. It's because I am NOT a dominatrix and I am not in this for the wrong reasons. I started babysitting in late 2015 when we decided not to have kids. I don't do this for $$ as you can see by my very low, reasonable rates. I consider this part of my life as charity, to give back to the community, to impact ABDL's lives in a positive way. This is NOT MY JOB, so I can be choosy if I feel like it. That's why I don't deal with any type of rudeness/assholes in any way. This is my real fetish on my own time.


I am NOT an escort. I do NOT provide sexual services so don't even ask. There are many escorts in Vegas that you can contact. I am an ABDL mommy.
If you have any type of sexual tones in your email = PASS!
COMMUNICATE in your FIRST email. Answer ALL the questions and ask any questions in first or you may not get a reply back.
I only change wet diapers. Messing allowed at end
I do not do breastfeeding.
I don't wear diapers.
Don't even think of asking me to wear anything degrading or humiliating.
I don't offer overnights at the nursery.

No intoxication by alcohal please.
If you're from GA, you MUST BRING ME A FALCONS RELATED PRESENT. Canadians must bring me ketchup chips, wine gums or coffee crisps.

No stupid mind games, trying to get free phone calls or passive agressive silliness & time wasters.

Please be direct and respectful when you book. Don't write as a 1 year old, PLEASE communicate as your adult self & use big boy words; there's plenty of time to be your baby self when we meet. You would NOT believe the amount of ridiculous emails I get every week.

You get back what you give & treat others fairly. I am not a "stern" person or mean, but if you treat me disrespectfully, that's how I will treat you. Don't be wishy washy and weird. Know what time/day you'd like your session first. Let's avoid back & forth emails 20 times. BE DIRECT & KNOW YOUR SCHEDULE; make it stress free & easy!

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